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    • November 9, 2012

      New Play Aids

      The rules most often consulted during the game are the Aruspex chapter ones. Up to now you could either check the manual for those or use the augmented reality feature of the game.
      From now on you can also print out these pages and have your Aruspex handy and in a big size easy to read.

      Bacchanalia – Printable Aruspex (PDF) (EN)

      Bacchanalia – Printable Aruspex (PDF) (FR)

      Bacchanalia – Printable Aruspex (PDF) (DE)

      Bacchanalia – Printable Aruspex (PDF) (IT)

      Bacchanalia is a game who asks the players to narrate scene about a story taking place in the Italy of 61 A.D.. There’s no need to be expert in the period to play, what each of us has grasped from movies, tv series or books is more than enough to play.

      BUT if you wish for your game to sound more realistic, names form that time could help. So we thought of providing this list of names play aid. Of course, being the Roman Empire vast and comprising many nations, you won’t find in the list just latin names, but also Gauls, Nubians, Greeks, Egyptians, etc.

      Now you can name your fugitive slave, your wealthy freedman or your proud centurion with perfect historical accuracy.
      With many thanks to Ezio Melega who came up the list.

      Bacchanalia – Names (PDF)