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    • September 27, 2012

      Bacchanalia in the world

      Bacchanalia’s production proceeds smoothly as the release date is getting closer. It’s nice to know that, in a little while, our game will roam the wide world. Even if production took place in a italian company, in fact, we already closed some deals with partners from different countries to ensure an international distribution and we’re still looking for further partners.

      At the moment we can officially announce collaboration in France with Boite a Heuhh which will distribute the french version and the US one with Night Sky Games who will deal with the english language one.

      We’re grateful to Ludovic Papais of Boite a Heuhh for believing in our project. About this Ludovic said “Narrativa does a great work on Bacchanalia (on the rules and on the illustrations), it honours the game”

      We’re also very happy of having our friend Meguey Baker of Night Sky Games on board for this adventure. About this Meguey stated ” I’m pleased to see this project moving ahead under such able guidance. I am very much looking forward to bringing Bacchanalia to conventions and players in the US.

      Waiting for the works to be completed we prepare to get back to you soon with further news and previews of all things Bacchanalia.